Floating Baby

I’d creep into my parents’ bedroom and listen to them breathe. 

Sleep Study (audio excerpts)

Maybe I’d make a good astronaut.


Do Not Sweat the Small Stuff

Sleep Heaven

Santa is Creepy (Soundcloud link)

Your parents are Santa Claus.


Your Own Appendage

Toes are always the heroes of your stories. 


Fuck you, Jennifer Garner, full name intended.

(Philadelphia City Paper Fiction Contest Runner- up, 2012)

Little Pummer Girl (Soundcloud link)

The youngest child’s mantra can be summed up pretty simply: don’t get played.

Haunted by a Happy Bird

“Oh, Theresa, where would you keep the implement to open the wine? The cork screw, Theresa!”

Philly Car Share Life (Soundcloud link)

When Ed invited me to share cars with him, he was really inviting me to share cars with the entire city.